3 Reasons To Integrate An Intercom Into Your Access Control System

May 20th, 2022

Access control is a fancy term that includes locks, bars, doors, passwords, and other ways to prevent people from entering an area without permission.  The way they get that permission is by having the right key, knowing the right passcode, or offering biometric data like thumbprints and iris scans that tell the system that you’re one of the people with permission to go in.  A basic access control system is a deadbolt or a handle lock, but you can get some serious upgrades to your door locks and add things like keypads, card readers, or fingerprint scanners.

By the time you add something like that, you probably have an integrated security system for your home or office in York, PA.  That means you’ll have a central control station and an app provided by your security installation company that lets you monitor camera feeds and arm the alarm.  This system can also let you modify the access control points and run other household systems that have nothing to do with security.  For instance, security companies often bundle smart thermostats in with their integrated systems.  So why add an intercom?

Two-Way Communication

No matter how simple or advanced your intercom system is, the point of having one is being able to talk to someone far away without having to walk there and back.  For access control, this means you can confirm who’s at the door personally and decide to let them in or keep them out without leaving your office or apartment.  You can then use your phone or a security access point to lock or unlock the door, making that another way an intercom saves you time.

Added Phone Functionality

An integrated intercom can easily work with a smartphone app.  This means that when someone buzzes the intercom button by your front door, you’ll be able to speak to them using your phone even if you’re not at home.  If you have a camera pointed at the door of your York, PA building, you’ll be able to see this person at the same time.

Non-Access Functions

A good intercom system can also help you communicate with other people inside the building.  That could mean calling an employee in for a meeting, or it could mean telling your kids it’s time for dinner.  Intercoms have been around for decades, and in that time people have used them to make public announcements, page people you can’t reach directly, and carry on conversations with people in other parts of the building.

An intercom has all kinds of uses, especially in an apartment building or a large business.  It lets you speak person-to-person with whoever is at your door, and that makes you the access control system instead of any lock or passcode.  Thanks to modern technology you can take that intercom call wherever you and your smartphone are, and you can look at a security camera feed to see who you’re talking to at the same time.  And since intercoms have so many other uses, it’s no wonder that many companies in York, PA choose to add them to their security systems.

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