Five Tips To Keep Your Restaurant Safe And Secure

September 27th, 2019

Eating at a restaurant should be a pleasurable experience. This is what patrons want and owners expect. Part of that experience should be the feeling of safety. Protecting your business, wait staff, and patrons against crime should be a priority. There are several things that you as a York restaurateur to increase the protection of your restaurant. We have included five tips for you to review.

1. Identify Your Level Of Risk:

Assess your level of risk for crime and then make a plan to keep everyone safe that includes a safety training program. Train your staff how to react to an emergency. Also look for any areas that you can improve security with simple processes like the parking lot, back alleys, or dark hallways. Adding lighting to these areas can go a long way. You should also look into adding security features like surveillance cameras to monitor these areas. 

2. Be Aware During Vulnerable Times:

Keep in mind that opening and closing times in restaurants are when you are the most vulnerable to crime. Staff should be trained to always be on the alert for suspicious activity from patrons. A few other good rules are to never allow a staff member to go to the bank alone, do not allow deliveries after hours, and no one should ever be alone in the restaurant. These simple tips can help reduce your risk of crime. 

3. Lock Up Valuables

Restaurants have a lot of high value items including expensive bottles of wine, kitchen tools, and of course, cash. These are all very vulnerable to theft. So they should be secured in a storage area with controlled access unless they are being used. Locking items will help prevent both theft from patrons and internal theft from employees. 

4. Observe Your Employees

Service jobs are very demanding and no it’s not unusual in the restaurant industry to have a high level of employee turnover. With so much turnover, you may find that occasionally you’ve hired an untrustworthy employee. So it is really important that you keep an eye on new hires until you know they are to be trusted. A remote monitoring system connected to surveillance cameras can help make this easy. You’ll be able to check in at any time, from anywhere that has an internet connection.

5. Install A Surveillance Security System

The best way to protect your restaurant is with a comprehensive security system. Surveillance cameras can help you monitor your restaurant, while access control systems can make sure that only your authorized staff is allowed in protected areas. Finally, alarm systems will protect your business from vandalism and theft after hours. The best part is that with modern surveillance systems, they will be invisible to your guests. So they can enjoy their meal without feeling like they are being watched. 

At Markle Security Services, we specialize in providing York are restaurants with security systems and support. When you work with us, we will do an onsite visit to identify any areas of vulnerability. We’ll review your operations from host to kitchen staff and make recommendations based on your unique needs. Give us a call for a free consultation and to learn how our 240 years of combined experience can benefit your restaurant.

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