3 Ways A Home Security System Can Protect Your Family That You May Not Know

April 11th, 2024

A home security system is the ultimate way to protect your family in York, PA. A good security system acts as a deterrent to keep criminals away. A security system will notify you and the police if there are intruders. Finally, it can help the police identify anyone involved in a break-in or a burglary on your property. All of these are incredibly helpful in keeping your family safe and protected. However, did you know that a home security system can also protect your family, possessions, and home in other ways? Here are three ways that a home security system can protect you that you may have not considered.

Protect Against Package Theft in York, PA

With the prevalence of online ordering, package theft has become more and more common. A security system with a front door camera can help protect you from package theft. An alert will go off whenever someone comes onto the porch. Once alerted you can monitor if it is someone that should be there or not. If someone does steal a package, the camera will record video that can be used to help police identify the thief.

This system can also be extended to your mailbox. Mailbox theft is also surprisingly common. Thieves will look in mailboxes for checks, credit cards, and even tax information. Your mail being stolen can even lead to identity theft. With a mailbox camera, you can protect yourself from these criminals.

Access A Front Door Camera With Your Smartphone

A front door camera can also be useful to see who is at your front door. With wireless IP technology, these cameras can be integrated into your smartphone. Meaning you can check and see who is at the front door right from your phone. This will not only protect you against intruders, but these cameras can be used in other ways. For example, you can make sure older children have come home from school every day. You can also make sure that younger children, as well as elderly or disabled family members, don’t wander off.

Protect Your Children From Household Hazards

There are many items around our homes that are not safe for children. You can use the alert systems in your security setup to keep younger children away from medicine cabinets, laundry rooms, or out of areas that are dangerous. You can also use it to keep older children from accessing the liquor cabinet, the gun safe, or any other dangerous areas. You can also make sure that if your children have friends over they are staying out of trouble.

All of these are secondary benefits to your security system that can help protect your family. With these protections, you can rest easy and have peace of mind that everyone and everything in your home stays safe. To learn more about the myriad of ways that a security system can protect your home, give us a call. Our security experts will answer any questions, and help you identify any vulnerabilities with your home security system in York, PA!

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