A Closer Look At Home Motion Detectors

April 5th, 2024

Few things are as important to homeowners as making sure that you and your family are protected. Installing a good, reliable home security system is one of the best ways to make sure that your investment and your loved ones are safe.

A home security system in York, PA can be made up of many different components, but for many today utilizing motion detectors is one of the fundamental things to consider. Motion detectors work by using an infrared signal that doesn’t actually detect motion - instead, it detects rapid changes in temperature that occur as anything passes in front of the sensor. Those changes of temperature trigger the sensors, which in turn will activate whatever part of the security system is linked up to the motion detectors. These tools play an important role in modern security systems, and are available in numerous forms and can be linked to different components within your system.

Motion Detector Lights

Adding motion activated lights to your home in York, PA is an easy way to add an element of safety and security. Motion light detectors pick up motion and switch on lights that are connected to them. This offers several benefits including:

  • When you enter dark areas, you immediately trigger lights, giving you safety as you walk.
  • The lights that are turned on can provide illumination for nearby camera systems, making it easier to capture video.
  • Your motion activated lights will also work as a deterrent - those intruding on your property will be scared off when the lights are automatically turned on, reducing the risk of burglary.

Motion detector lights can be used indoors as well as outside, and can even reduce the electrical bill of your home by ensuring that lights only come on when needed.

Motion Activated Cameras

Motion activated cameras are just what they sound like - security cameras linked to a motion sensor. This allows you to only capture video when it is needed, saving you hard drive storage space, reducing operating costs, and more.

Your motion cameras can even be linked to an alert that will send you a notification when they have been triggered, giving you even more control over your system.

Motion Detector Alarms

You can also link alarm systems to motion detectors. This way, when an alarm is triggered it will send an alert to authorities and can also sound an audible alarm that may help deter intruders. These systems are best used indoors, since even a stray cat could trigger outdoor alarm systems. Still, they’re a good addition to any serious system, and can provide much greater peace of mind.

Getting The Right System

Not all homes in York, PA need a full range of security systems. Instead, each system should be designed with the home, the homeowner’s goals, and the unique needs of the property in mind. Talking to a professional security installer will help you see which components are best for your home, and where you’ll want to consider adding motion detectors. This way, you get the best possible security system and the peace of mind that it can provide to you and your loved ones.

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