Security Solutions for Remote Work at Home

February 13th, 2023

If you are one of many that have moved to work from home during this pandemic, then security has probably crossed your mind at some point. Working from home in York, in most cases, can prove to be a huge transition. It also often involves a lot of logistics to make everything possible. 

If you have moved to a work from home position, we are here with some security solutions for remote work at home, so you are better prepared and protected. 

Obtain Basic Security Knowledge

Before anything, you need to make sure you have some basic security knowledge in the vault. So, if your company in York has transitioned you into a work from home position, make sure they offer advice and knowledge regarding phishing emails, how and why to avoid public Wi-Fi, and how to ensure that your home router is secure. 

You should never click on any links that appear to be suspicious. If you don't know the sender, do not open it. Clicking on these links can result in the installation of third-party apps on personal devices that can ultimately steal sensitive information.

VPN Access

If you have data that needs to be secured between a core system and an employee, then a VPN should be deployed. A VPN just adds another layer of security to help hide the user's IP address, encrypt any data transfers in transit, and mask the location of the user. 

Some larger organizations already utilize VPNs. Smaller organizations, however, may need to find a VPN provider to provide secure access for each employee. 

Password Audits

All passwords and codes need to be audited. This means that these passwords and codes need to be reset as well as redefined as you move to a remote position in the home. Two-factor authentication is also going to be critical during this time to ensure the highest possible security and protection across all devices. 

Software Updates

All remote teams should also be encouraged to update all software, so everyone has the latest version available. The company's security policy should also support the version they use. The best way to comply with this is by enabling automatic updating on all the devices you use in the home for work.

Cloud Services

The use of these kinds of services should also be encouraged to protect all employee endpoints better. It also helps to ensure that all sensitive information is protected as much as possible. Cloud-based apps and third-party cloud storage services used should first be approved and verified by the company's security teams before use.

Reset Wi-Fi Passwords

If you have never reset the default password for your router, then this is something you need to do now before you work remotely. Your IT support team can help guide you through the process over the phone. You will also need to look into your current bandwidth and see if enough is available for your remote work. Avoid using public Wi-Fi.

For more information on these security measures before starting your remote position, contact security experts in York, PA today. 

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