Are Large Format, High Definition Flat Screens Right For Your Security System?

April 16th, 2024

If you are looking for the best surveillance system in York, PA, you may be tempted to buy a 42” high definition screen to monitor your premises. This is especially true if you are displaying your monitor in public and want people to see the quality of your system for prevention. Large format flat screens are pretty incredible. They deliver high resolutions images in stunning detail. However, while we all want the most state-of-the-art equipment for protection, these expensive screens aren’t always necessary. Here are some things to take into consideration before investing in that expensive flat screen monitor.

You May Not Actually See High Definition Images in York, PA

If you are looking to monitor numerous cameras on a single screen, you will need a multiplexer. Currently, standard multiplexers do not have a high definition output. There are a few that are available in high definition but they are extremely expensive. So unless you make a big investment, any video you are streaming from your multi-camera system won’t be displayed in high definition no matter you monitor’s capabilities. With these systems, it’s actually better to stick with a smaller screen of 20” or less for the best quality viewing.

Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Now, you can go larger on a screen in York, PA. For example, if you run your monitor through a VGA out port on a DVR, you can get a good image on screens up to 32”. However, once you get a screen size larger than 32”, the image quality will degrade. Furthermore, running a large format monitor through the VGA port is the screen also becomes the monitor for configurations and maintenance. So if it’s in a public space, your visitors will see your technician working on the settings. Bigger screens are also not as discreet. So if you need to review any video, anyone will be able to see it.

A Smarter Option For Surveillance Monitoring

Large format, high definition monitors are not simply designed to CCTV specifications. One day DVRs and multiplexers may offer high definition options. However, for now, your best bet is to use a smaller screen. We recommend a 19” LCD flat screen for optimal viewing of multiple images. The image quality will be sharp, the resolution clear, and the screen is large enough to watch multiple images at once. Multiplexers tend to split cameras into four quadrants. If you need to monitor several areas simultaneously, you can always invest in secondary screens. Better to have multiple small screens where you can really view the images, rather than one big screen with low detail.

The good news is that smaller LCD screens without high definition features are way more budget-friendly. So not only will you get even better image quality than their larger counterparts, you’ll save some big money. To help decide what monitor is right for your needs, give us a call. Our security experts will help ensure that you get a system that provides the quality you need to keep your premises safe.

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