Make Your Garage More Secure

June 28th, 2019

If you’re a homeowner here in York, PA, there’s a chance that you may have one of that most common of structures, a garage near or directly attached to your home. While most people think about security in terms of preventing thieves from breaking into their homes, this doesn’t always mean that the same level of consideration is given to the garage.

This, however, can sometimes be a crucial error. A typical garage in York, PA can sometimes hold more valuables inside it than a home, the most obvious of which are vehicles themselves. However, garages can sometimes double as workshops and hold many other valuables, such as bicycles, ATVs, and other big-ticket items. Here’s what you can do to secure your garage.

Don’t Leave It Open For Extended Periods

This can be a difficult habit for many to break, especially during the summer, when there may be times when you’re going back and forth from the garage and are tempted to leave it open the entire time. However, leaving your garage open means that everyone passing by has a clear view of exactly what valuables may be inside. They can see the cars and their condition, and they can see ATVs, canoes, kayaks, bicycles or anything else inside.

While it may be convenient, if you don’t have to leave your garage open for hours at a time, try not to do so. Otherwise, anyone can casually come in while you’re not looking, and take what they like. Or else they might access your opener, and get the rolling code to your garage door for future access.

Lock It When It’s Closed

This should be another precaution that goes without saying, but many, many people forget to do this. Perhaps even more alarmingly, if this occurs with a garage that is attached to a home, and the door from the house to the garage is also unlocked, then there’s nothing stopping thieves from coming into your home.

Always take the time to ensure that the garage door is closed, as well as locked. As an additional way to lock things up, think about shades for the windows if the garage has windows. This prevents people from looking in and “window shopping” your belongings.

Get Additional Security

Finally, you can get a dramatic boost to your garage security by including it as part of your home security plans. If you’re thinking of deploying motion sensors tied to lights, alarm systems, or security camera networks, be sure to include your garage in all this new security coverage. 

Not only do these security systems protect your home, when given an appropriate warning and placed in visible areas, but they can also act as a deterrent. A thief is not going to want to risk being identified or caught when a home publicly announces it has elaborate security protection. The same goes for the garage if it is protected by all this.

So if you’d like to have a safer property here in York, PA, then call Markle Security Services. We can evaluate what your property needs, where the weak spots are, come up with the security coverage that gives you the protection you need.

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