Make Your Voice Heard With An Intercom

November 21st, 2019

Many places like schools and hospitals come equipped with intercom systems. These systems let you broadcast your voice throughout the building so that everyone can hear an announcement or emergency message at the same time. And while intercom systems are common in many industries, there are many businesses in York, PA that could make good use of an intercom but haven’t installed them. 


Factories usually have large areas or even the whole building go on break and go to lunch at the same time. After all, many factory jobs have to interact with each other to keep production going, so splitting up the break times doesn’t make sense. A factory can use an intercom system to send a signal so that everyone knows when it’s break time and when it’s time to go back to work, making it less likely for a worker to lose track of time and hold up the line by getting back late. 

Apartment Complexes

Many apartment buildings use intercoms as part of the security system. Visitors who don’t have a key to get inside can use a number dial to contact one of the residents, and the intercom system lets them talk to each other so the resident can let an expected visitor through the front door without having to come all the way down to open it in person. Depending on the apartment’s layout, this can be much more convenient and secure compared to keeping the main door locked or letting unknown visitors wander through the apartment hallways. 

Office Buildings 

Office buildings have a different purpose, but many of them have a similar tenant setup as apartment buildings. This means that different floors or different areas belong to individual businesses, and both the front door and each business will have its own secure access. Setting up an intercom for this kind of office building will let your tenants buzz in the occasional client or contractor without having to set up a temporary pass or arrange for an escort from the entrance to the office in question. 

Secure Sites

Some businesses in York, PA don’t need an announcement system or a way for visitors to call in, but they do need a way for the security staff to communicate. Walkie-talkies are a common solution, but sometimes it can help to have a built-in system of intercom panels. For instance, they can let regular employees contact the security staff immediately even if no one else is around. They can also work as a backup system in case radio interference makes it hard to hear a walkie-talkie.

Intercom systems have a variety of uses depending on how they’re set up and whether they include a public announcement system. This variety is why it helps to speak to an experienced security company like Markle Security Services. Our company has plenty of experience setting up intercom systems in York, PA and integrating them with other security features, so call us today if you have any questions about how an intercom system could help your company out.

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