What Are The Benefits Of Remote Surveillance Monitoring?

July 24th, 2024

Ever wish that you had a crystal ball to see what’s going on at your York office when you aren’t there? If so, you’re in luck because remote surveillance monitoring is the next best thing. It allows you to have eyes in the sky no matter where you are, and when it comes to improving employee behavior, it’s a game changer.

Keep Employees In Line

Research shows that employee theft reduces dramatically when your staff knows that the boss can watch them from a connected device. Not only does remote surveillance reduce employee theft, but it also reduces the occurrence of other unacceptable behavior such as underproduction and extended break times. When employees are being monitored, production increases. But sometimes, it takes more than just installing a camera to keep mischief at bay. 

Security cameras are the first step in keeping an eye on your staff, but having remote access lets you do it in real-time. Security cameras can record activity, but can be nearly useless if no one is watching what actually occurs. With remote access, you can get the view from any of your cameras through your smartphone, tablet, or laptop no matter how far away you are from York.

Why not let your employees see how it works? Show them the device and the range in which the cameras allow you to see. When they understand how easy it is to recognize everyone in the office, they’ll make efforts to behave in the way that’s expected of them. That can lead to an increase in employee productivity, good customer service, and peace of mind for you.

Protect The Business 

Remote monitoring also protects your business 24/7. Combine it with a motion alert camera system and you’ll be alerted to any action that occurs when your business is closed. You’ll receive a text or an email that alerts you to movement, as well as a short video clip so you can see what’s actually happening in an instant.

Remote camera action lets you scan the area where the motion was detected to discover if you are being robbed. This lets you alert the York police as soon as possible. You can rest assured that they’ll have everything under control while you wait in the comfort of your home.

The latest technology in CCTV and remote surveillance monitoring can help prevent armed robberies, burglaries, and vandalism. It can also eliminate vendor theft and false liability claims. And with 24 hour surveillance, you’ll not only get an advanced warning when something is awry, but you’ll also have peace of mind that you‘re protected. 

Don’t Take Chances

When it comes to the safety of your building, your staff, and your inventory, nothing protects you better than a remote surveillance system. When it comes to employee productivity, a surveillance system is a great project management tool. Instead of taking a chance on loss, take a chance on success by keeping your eyes on your building at all times.

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