Has the Coronavirus Pandemic Caused an Accelerated Push for the Cloud?

July 10th, 2020

As the economy recovers and many employers plan for a more remote-friendly future, experts say this pivotal turn could accelerate a shift to cloud services for employers of every industry. This blog post will examine cloud surveillance benefits, and how it will become a crucial tool as we move past the pandemic and into our ‘new normal.’ 

Benefits of Cloud Surveillance

As the coronavirus forces employers to conduct interoffice communication and business operations remotely, Cloud surveillance, which provides a secure way to store video footage in an off-site location, offers another layer of agility that an on-premise infrastructure cannot provide by quickly scale up flexibility, security, and scalability around decentralized employees. Assuming that more employees will continue to conduct business from home, cloud surveillance offers many benefits to every industry:

  •   No on-site hardware to manage. Cloud surveillance removes the up-front costs found with a traditional system and reoccurring maintenance fees and software updates. With cloud surveillance, everything is handled remotely and automatically. 
  •   Centralized management. Ideal for both single and multiple-location businesses, cloud surveillance allows you to manage an unlimited number of cloud-enabled cameras, from any number of locations. Cloud surveillance presents a more straightforward way to oversee and view live or recorded footage – all conducted from one single interface.
  •   On-demand scalability. Cloud surveillance provides the ultimate flexibility to grow your security system as your business grows. Pay for what you need, when you need it and nothing more. Adding two locations next month? Add cameras and grant new users unique permissions. Are you closing a store? Disable cameras with the click of your mouse.

Hybrid Cloud Surveillance– Best of Both Worlds

Adding a few cloud-enabled cameras to your most critical areas is a powerful, cost-effective way to enhance your on-premise system's security without committing to a total system upgrade or overhaul. Cloud VS makes it simple, giving your clients immediate, 24/7 secure storage for valuable footage they can't afford to lose.

Additional cloud benefits include:

Reliable performance - offering uninterrupted, high-speed cloud technology providing total and continuous coverage for all connected devices

Ultra-secure, triple-redundancy - all video footage is stored at an off-site, tier-4 U.S. based location - with the same level of security major financial institutions use to store your banking information

Scalability - to add additional cameras, users, and locations as your security needs change, and your business grows, so you only pay for what you need - when you need it!

The hybrid cloud model is ideal for:

  •   schools/universities
  •   restaurants/bars
  •   multi-location retail
  •   hotels
  •   churches
  •   construction sites
  •   wedding venues
  •   daycare centers

About Cloud VS

As the coronavirus presents a ‘new normal’ for businesses everywhere, Alibi Cloud VS provides key benefits for a more secure surveillance solution, including 24/7 surveillance, remote accessibility, and unlimited cameras, users, and locations.

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