Three Reasons Wireless Security Systems Are Better Than Wired

June 10th, 2022

When it comes time to pick a security system for your York home or business, you may quickly become overwhelmed with the options. Security technology has advanced quite a bit in recent years and as a result there are so many great, affordable options. One of the most popular technologies to emerge is wireless technology. Wireless security systems use the same wireless technology as our smartphones, tablets, and other wireless devices. These systems offer a range of benefits over traditional wired systems and can be a great option for you. Here are the top three reasons wireless security systems are better than wired:

1. Wireless Systems Are Less Invasive

Wired security systems are pretty invasive because they require a lot of infrastructure to support them. Many systems have unattractive wires exposed and require a central hub to plug them all in. On a small property, this can be really cumbersome. It can also just be extremely unattractive. Unlike wired systems, wireless systems don’t require all of this infrastructure. They run on batteries and use IP signals to transmit their recordings. So they can simply be hung anywhere.

2. Wireless Systems Fit Anywhere

Wired systems require very intense and destructive installation. You have to run cable throughout the property to set up the cameras. On top of that, the cabling may not fit where you need a security camera the most. This can be a real challenge for an installer and can cost a property owner a lot of money. Wireless systems, on the other hand, can fit wherever you want to put them. Since they rely on a signal, rather than hardware to run, they can easily be installed in the most difficult places. They will ensure you get the security where you need it most. 

3. Wireless Systems Are Portable

Finally, wired systems require installation that is built into the property. So they cannot easily be relocated either within the property or to another property. Wireless cameras on the other hand can simply be moved without any fuss. So if you decide to rearrange your property and need to move the cameras to a different area, it’s easy. You can also take them with you to another location if you move away from York. Wireless security systems are perfect for renters because they can go anywhere with you.

With all these benefits, it is clear why wireless systems are becoming far more popular than wired systems. Though wired systems still have utility in certain applications, but wireless systems provide more flexibility and are more cost effective. So depending on your unique needs, wireless may be the ideal system for you. 

To determine which of the two systems is best, you need to speak with a professional security expert. They will do a walkthrough of your York property and evaluate your unique needs. Then they will recommend a system that is perfect for you. So if you are considering going wireless for your security, call a professional today to learn more!

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